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Indulging with Integrity: The Journey of CannaChocolatešŸ«šŸŒ±

Indulging with Integrity: The Journey of CannaChocolatešŸ«šŸŒ±

In the world of THC edibles,Ā Carbon Cannabisā€™ CannaChocolate stands out not just for its potent effects and delicious taste, but also for the story behind its creation. Carbon Cannabis, a family-owned craft cannabis company rooted in Wisconsin, has always been about more than just creating high-quality THC products. Our dedication extends to the community and the environment, a principle deeply embedded in our choice to use Callebaut cocoa for our fan favorite THC CannaChocolate.


A Chocolate Rooted in Sustainability

Callebaut's cocoa beans, vital to the creation of our CannaChocolate, originate from the Ivory Coast and Ghana. These beans are not just ingredients; they represent the livelihoods of thousands. Callebaut initiated efforts in 2015 to transform these communities positively by partnering with the Cocoa Horizons Foundation. Their goal is ambitious yet crucial: to foster a sustainable cocoa farming model that ensures a living income for farmers by 2030. They've been working tirelessly to elevate farmers' incomes, address rights concerns, and support community development.


Tasting the Difference, Making a Difference

Each piece of our dark chocolate flavored CannaChocolate is infused with CO2 extracted full-spectrum oil and contains 10mg of natural, hemp-derived Delta-9 THC. Promising not only a subtle, calming, and euphoric experience but also the assurance of ethical sourcing and environmental stewardship. At Carbon Cannabis, we partner exclusively with one indoor grow, Stacks Family Farms. Stacks only uses organic practices and products to ensure a pure, potent flower which stands behind our mission to only offer the highest quality products to our consumers.


Carbon Cannabis: Beyond the Bud

At Carbon Cannabis, our mission extends beyond crafting the finest cannabis products in Wisconsin. We're about fostering a community that thrives on mutual support, sustainability, and integrity. Indulge in a piece of CannaChocolate and taste the difference that commitment, quality, and sustainability can make. It's not just good; it's good for the world.

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