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Our Products Could Be Made ILLEGAL 😮

Our Products Could Be Made ILLEGAL 😮

Urgent Call to Action: Save the Hemp Industry

The hemp industry is under threat due to an amendment filed by Congresswoman Mary Miller in the upcoming Farm Bill. This amendment, passed through a voice vote, bypassed a roll call vote that might have stopped it. If enacted, it could severely damage the progress and stability of the hemp sector. Her amendment suggests making any "detectable amount of THC" ILLEGAL!

Impact on Carbon Cannabis Products

At Carbon, we rely on a stable hemp industry to provide our customers with high-quality cannabis products. This amendment could restrict the availability and shut our doors, directly affecting our product line, our customers & community.

Why Your Voice Matters

The U.S. Hemp Roundtable urges everyone in the industry to contact their members of Congress immediately to oppose this detrimental change. Your voice is crucial to protect the future of hemp and ensure the continued availability of sustainable hemp products.

Take Action Now

For more details and to take action, visit the U.S. Hemp Roundtable. Together, we can fight this amendment and save the hemp industry.

By contacting your representatives and spreading the word, you can help ensure that companies like can continue to offer innovative and effective hemp products. Let’s stand together to protect our industry and sustain its growth for future generations.

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