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Discover the Legality and Excellence of THCa Flower with Carbon Cannabis

Discover the Legality and Excellence of THCa Flower with Carbon Cannabis

Carbon Cannabis is thrilled to announce the dopest new product to hit our site – THCa flower! Our journey to bring you THCa flower is a story of partnership, science, and dedication to organic practices, all of which come together to produce a flower that's not only legal but also king in quality and variety.


The Legal Landscape of THCa Flower

The cannabis industry is evolving, and with it, the legal frameworks that govern our products. The 2018 agricultural act (Farm Bill) legalized cannabis plants and products that contain less than .3% D9 THC by dry weight or volume. Our flower contains primarily THCa (20+%) with less than .3% D9THC, making it a federally legal product.

THCa is the precursor to the commonly known psychoactive cannabinoid THC (D9 THC). THCa converts into D9 THC when exposed to heat. Our flower is grown, harvested, trimmed and packaged under strict environmental controls to ensure that the THCa stays in its acidic form rather than decarbing to THC and becoming illegal.

Because we keep it below the federal threshold to be considered hemp, you can have high grade cannabis shipped directly to you. No medical card, dispensary trip, or guy on the street corner needed! 


Partnering with Stacks Family Farms: A Commitment to Quality and Sustainability

Our THCa flower is not just a triumph of legality; it's a testament to the extraordinary partnership between Carbon Cannabis and Stacks Family Farms. Nestled in the heart of La Crosse, Wisconsin, Stacks Family Farms is the epitome of innovation and commitment to quality. Their indoor grow features hermetically sealed rooms with full environmental control, ensuring they can produce small-batch flowers of the highest quality every three weeks.

Stacks Family Farms' dedication to organic and sustainable practices is unmatched. By controlling every aspect of the environment, they eliminate the need for pesticides and reduce the risk of pests, ensuring that our THCa flower is not only safe and clean but also sustainably produced.


The Carbon Cannabis Difference: Quality, Variety, and Sustainability

At Carbon Cannabis, we understand that variety is the spice of life. That's why we've worked closely with Stacks Family Farms to develop a range of strains that cater to every preference and need. Our focus on good genetics, combined with meticulous research and development, means that our THCa flower boasts exceptional terpene profiles, desired cannabinoids, stunning bag appeal, optimal trichome development, and the most satisfying effects.

Before any of our products reach you, they undergo rigorous lab testing to ensure they're safe and ready for consumption. This commitment to quality and safety is a cornerstone of our production process, giving you peace of mind with every purchase.


Now Available: THCa Flower from Carbon Cannabis

With a flavor or strain for everyone, our product range promises to meet the diverse needs and preferences of our customers. Explore our selection and experience the purity, potency, and quality of THCa flower now available on our site!

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